Spanish for Everyday


Spanish for Everyday

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If you don't speak Spanish at all or only a little bit this manual is the best for you. It is a quick reference tool and an easy-to-use study guide to get an effective basic communication. You will find words and phrases that you can use every day with Spanish speakers. You will be able to express greetings and introductions, basic courtesy, to talk about the weather and celebrations and more.
A phonetic pronunciation accompanies each phrase. In order to facilitate reading, the phonetic transcription in this book follows the rules of English pronunciation and spelling as closely as possible.

The phonetic transcription presented here corresponds to a “neutral” dialect of Spanish which, pronounced correctly, will be understood in any Spanish-speaking country.


Days of the week:
Sunday = domingo (doe-MEAN-go)
Monday = lunes (LOO-nace)
Tuesday = martes (MAR-tase)
Wednesday = miércoles (me+AIR-co-lace)
Thursday = jueves (HWAY-vase)
Friday = viernes (vee+AIR-nace)
Saturday = sábado (SAW-bah-doe)

What’s your name? (informal)
¿Cómo te llamas?
Koh-moh teh yah-mahss?

My name is…
Mi nombre es…
Mee mohm-breh es…

I need help.
Necesito ayuda.
Neh-she-see-to ah-yoo-dah.

 This manual has 40 pages.

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